May  15-17, 2014 in Cary, NC

The Program

The program highlights the achievements and career interests of women in statistics.  Senior, mid-level, and junior stars representing industrial, academic, and government communities will unite to present their life's work, discuss the 'chutes and ladders' of their career trajectories, and share their perspectives on the role of women in today’s statistics fields. 

Participants will leave the conference with wider networks for mentoring and new ideas for collaborative proposals. Participants will leave with increased visibility within their community and will leave with action items to further increase the visibility of their contributions to the wider statistics community and the world.

Preliminary Program:

Thursday, May 15 - Program starts at 12:30pm

10:00 Registration Opens (until 6pm)

10:00-6:30 Ideas Worth Sharing:  Bin Yu, Terry Speed, Sastry Pantula and 25 TED Talks  Room: Crescent Boardroom

12:30-12:50 Opening Words:  How Did All This Happen?  An Introduction by Dalene Stangl, Susmita Datta, and Lynn Palmer  Room: Chimney/Blowing Rock

1:00-1:50 Breakouts

100 Surviving Graduate School - Moderator: Kim Sellers, Georgetown University, Nicole Meyer, Southern Alabama Univ., Maria Terres, Duke U, Samantha Tyner, Iowa State, Kaitlin Woo, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Room: Tangelwood
101 Internet Activism: Using Social Media to Enhance Your Career- Arati Mejdal, JMP Division of SAS Room: Pinehurst
102 Working in Interdisciplinary Teams - Panelists: Alyson Wilson, NC State; Joanne Wendelberger, Los Alamos National Labs; Brenda Gados, Eli Lilly, Sandra Stinnett, Duke University Medical Center Room: Biltmore/Hope
103 Leading Analytics and Insights as a Diverse Leader - Kiersten Einsweiler, Lowes; Suzanne Smith, Lowes; Carmen Neudorff, Lowes, Dan Thorpe, Lowes Room: Bellamy/Mendenhall
104 Influence:  Even without Statistics - Stacy Lindborg, Biogen Idec Room: Reynolds

2:00-2:50 Breakouts

105 Building a Professional Network: Why? How? When? - Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State Room: Pinehurst
106 Savvy Politics for the Non-Politician - Nick Jewell, UC Berkeley; Laura Meyerson, Biogen Idec Room: Tangelwood
107 Careers of Statisticians and Biostatisticians in Government: The FDA - Telba Irony, FDA Room: Bellamy/Mendenhall
108 NIH and NSF Methods Grants: Presubmission to Funding: Misrak Gesmu, NIH; Nandini Kannan, UT San Antonio;  Marie Davidian, NC State Room: Biltmore/Hope
109 On Supervising Males (If You Are a Female Statistician) - Janet Wittes, Statistics Collaborative Room: Reynolds

2:50-3:15 Break


110 Power, Gender, and Advancement - Janet Bickel, Janet Bickel and Associates Room: Chimney/Blowing Rock


111 Finding Our Place in History: Decades of Women Pioneers and Trail Blazers - Lynne Billard, U of Georgia Room: Chimney/Blowing Rock

5:05-5:15 Break


112 Speed Mentoring and Opening Reception Social Hour Room: Smith/Cameron/Reynolds

6:30 Informal Dinner Groups

Friday May 16

7:30 Registration (until 6pm)

7:30 Networking Breakfast Room: Tangelwood/Pinehurst
Achieving Success as an Immigrant Woman - Mousumi Bannerjee, U of Michigan 
Addressing Two Body Problems and Trailing Spouses - Claire Chow, U of Notre Dame
Answering Tricky Interview Questions - Helen Powell, John Hopkins U
Co-Authorship: Balancing Your Contributions -  Yuan Huang, Penn State U
Mentees: Getting the Most Out of Mentoring - Jessica Minnier, Oregon Health and Science U
Pay Equity: Nick Jewell, UC Berkeley

9:00-6:00 Ideas Worth Sharing:  Bin Yu, Terry Speed, Sastry Pantula and 25 TED Talks  Room: Crescent Boardroom


200 Panel Discussion with Past ASA Presidents - Moderator Dalene Stangl, Duke University; Panelists Mary Ellen Bock, Purdue U; Lynne Billard, Univ. of Georgia, Sallie Keller, VA Tech; Sally Morton, U of Pittsburg; Marie Davidian, NC State, Jessica Utts, UC Irvine Room: Chimney/Blowing Rock

10:30-11 Break


201 Big Opportunities in the Next Decade:  SAMSI and NISS - Moderator Snehelata Huzurbazar, SAMSI: Panelists: Jessie Cisewiski, Carnegie Mellon U.; Xia Wang, U of Cincinnati; Bailey Fosdick, SAMSI Room: Chimney/Blowing Rock


Lunch Focus Groups, Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working     Leader: Jiayang Sun, Case Western Reserve U Room: Tangelwood/Pinehurst and Atrium

1:30-2:20 Breakouts

202 The Value of internships - Panelists: Jennifer Van-Mullekom, DuPont; Susan Paddock, RAND; Joanne Wendelberger, Los Alamos National Labs Room: Biltmore/Hope
203 Transforming Healthcare Through Data- Susmita Datta, U of Louisville; John Quackenbush, Harvard U Room: Bellamy/Mendenhall
204 Increasing Visibility of Women in Statistics on Wikipedia - Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, Duke U Room: Reynolds
205 Congratulations You've Got Tenure: Now What? - Panelists: Paula Roberson, U of Arkansas; Jane Meza, U of Nebraska Room: Blowing Rock
206 Leadership Styles - Panelists: Laura Meyerson, Biogen Idec; Maura Stokes, SAS; Hairong Crigler, Experian Room: Chimney Rock

2:30-3:20 Breakouts

207 Which Career Path is Right for You? Panelists: Telba Irony, FDA; Kerrie Adams, SAMS; Francesca Dominici, Harvard U Room: Biltmore/Hope
208 Growing Your Research Program - Rebecca Doerge, Purdue U; Bhramar Mukherjee, U of Michigan Room: Blowing Rock
209 Creating Career Flexibility - Panelists: Sally Morton, U of Pittsburgh, Rachel Schutt, News Corp; Alyson Wilson, NC State Room: Chimney Rock
210 Obstacles as Skill Building Opportunities - Xihong Lin, Harvard U Room: Pinehurst
211 Taking on Leadership While Keeping Research Vibrant - Yili Pritchett, Astellas, Montse Fuentes, NC State Room: Bellamy/Mendenhall

3:20-3:45 Break


212 Professional Societies: Symbiotic Benefits - Panelists:  Lynn Palmer, ASA; Stephanie Shipp, VA Tech; Jill Montiquila, Westat Room: Chimney/Blowing Rock


Reception and Poster Session: Show us your work?  Theory, methods, applications Room: Smith/Cameron/Reynolds

Saturday May 17

7:30 Registration

7:30-9:00 Networking Breakfast Room: Tangelwood/Pinehurst
How to be a Great Mentor - Ana Rappold, EPA
Increasing the Number of Women Awards - Misrak Gezmu, NIH
Mid Career "Crises": Exploring Challenges and Opportunities - Bailey Fosdick, SAMSI
Networking 101 - Saonli Basu, U Minnesota      
Optimizing Your Job Search - Shemra Rizzo, UCLA
Taking on Leadership Positions - Stephanie Hicks, DFCI and Harvard SPH  

9:00-5:30 Ideas Worth Sharing:  Bin Yu, Terry Speed, Sastry Pantula and 25 TED Talks  Room: Crescent Boardroom


300 Why Women Can't Have it All?  A Discussion - Francesca Dominici, Harvard U Room: Chimney Rock/Blowing Rock


301 Leadership: The Untold Story - Sallie Keller, VA Tech Room: Chimney Rock/Blowing Rock


302 Rising Stars:  Women Making Waves - Helen Zhang, Arizona State, Judy Wang, NC State Room: Chimney Rock/Blowing Rock


Lunch Focus Groups - How to Negotiate What You Are Worth, Leader: Jane Harvill, Baylor U Room: Tangelwood/Pinehurst and Atrium

1:30-2:20 Breakouts

303 Women in Science:  Contributions, Inspirations, and Rewards - Karen Kafadar, Indiana State U Room: Smith
304 Recruiting and Retaining Women and Minorities in Statistical Science - Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State; Kim Weems, NC State; Marcia Gumpertz, NC State Room: Cameron
305 What Does Data Science Mean to Statisticians - Rachel Schutt, News Corp. Room: Biltmore/Hope
306 Balancing Communications and Crunching - Kerrie Adams, Sam's Club; Elpida Ormanidou, Sam's Club Room: Bellamy/Mendenhall
307 Automated Data Exploration through Insight - Jing Shyr, IBM Room: Reynolds

2:30-3:20 Breakouts

308 Post PhD, What to Expect Your First Year -Layla Parast, RAND; Jessica Minnier, Oregon Health and Sciences U; X Jessie Jeng, NC State U Room: Smith
309 Managing Your Career and Child Rearing - Panelists: Jennifer Van-Mullekom, Dupont, Merlise Clyde, Duke U, Bobbie Jo Webb-Robertson, Pacific Northwest Laboratories Room: Cameron
310 Graduate Education for the Next Generation: It's more than Coursework and Qualifying Exams, Panelists: Susmita Datta, U of Louisville; Xihong Lin, Harvard; Rebecca Doerge, Purdue U Room: Bellamy/Mendenhall
311 Editorial Roles:  From Peer Reviewer to Editor in Chief Panelists, Susan Paddock, RAND, Karen Kafadar, Indiana State; Dalene Stangl, Duke U Room: Reynolds
312 Preparing for Promotion in Academia - Panelists: Nancy Flournoy, U of Missouri, Jessica Utts, U California Irvine, Efstathia Bura, George Washington U; Jing Qui, U of Missouri,  Kim Sellers, Georgetown U Room: Biltmore/Hope

3:20-3:45 Break


Formal and Informal Mentoring:  Communication Between Mentors and Mentees- Panelists: Kim Weems, NC State; Bonnie Ray, IBM, Michelle Dunn, Linda Young, NASS, USDA Room: Tangelwood/Pinehurst


313 Statistical Model Building, Machine Learning, and the Ah-Ha Moment - Grace Wahba, U of Wisconsin Madison Room: Tangelwood/Pinehurst


Awards and Gala Dinner - Celebrate! Sally Morton, U Pittsburgh, Awards Presenters:  Kelly Zou, Pfizer, Susmita Datta, Univ. Louisville, Kim Sellers, Georgetown Univ. Room: Chimney Rock/Blowing Rock