Headphones for telemarketing – the most important technologies and solutions used in call center equipment

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  • August 18, 2019
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Professional telemarketing headphones are dedicated to intensive work in contact with customers. They use many innovative solutions that affect the sound quality and functionality of this type of equipment. Which parameters are the most important when choosing the right model that will work best for a telephone consultant?

Earphones for landline phones – wide range of telemarketing products

Call center equipment should consist of professional, high quality equipment, which will ensure appropriate conditions for voice calls – this affects both the efficiency of employees and the effectiveness of their calls, as well as the overall reception of the company by the customer. Axtel telemarketing headphones, as Cisco headset, use a number of modern solutions and technologies that allow to achieve the highest sound quality and use convenient options that facilitate work.

There is a wide range of headphones available on the market with different parameters – you can adjust the appropriate model to the classroom and its character. For example, in large, open spaces, typical for call centers, the consultant should be able to focus on work and telephone conversation – in this case, headphones with a microphone for two ears are the best choice, as they provide adequate isolation from the environment. On the other hand, single ear models will work well for consultants who, in addition to telephone conversations, perform other duties, such as servicing stationary customers – thanks to such a solution, they do not have to take off their headphones to be able to perform other tasks.

Headphones for telemarketing – professional devices, providing the highest quality sound

Of course, the most important parameter for telemarketing headphones is the sound quality they provide during the conversation. Professional models, dedicated to call centers, use many modern technologies that have a significant impact on the quality of emitted and transmitted sound. Broadband, crystal clear sound facilitates conversation with customers, providing a full understanding of the consultant-client relationship. This makes the call more efficient and increases the chances of a successful call.

Also important is the noise reduction technology that the microphones in the headphones for the desk phone are equipped with. Thanks to this technology, the device does not collect background sounds, which is particularly important in large offices, where many telephone consultants work simultaneously.

It is also worth noting the headphones for Skype for Business and supporting other popular platforms for communication in business.

Options facilitating the use of wireless call center headphones

Well-chosen telemarketing headphones increase the efficiency of a telephone consultant’s work, so it is worth choosing a model that will facilitate and accelerate voice calls thanks to its functionality. Professional models with a microphone are equipped with many additional options, thanks to which the telemarketer can efficiently manage calls. For example, devices with an attached remote control with function buttons for starting and ending calls, volume control or mute microphones.

Some modern models also offer the option to switch easily between different devices used by the user or to answer calls automatically when the handset is put on.

Comfortable and lightweight headphones for a microphone phone – comfort and hearing protection

Please note that headphones with a microphone, dedicated to telemarketing, is primarily a work tool, most often worn for many hours a day. Therefore, it should meet several basic requirements, so that it will ensure the comfort and safety of consultants’ work. The most important issues are

– weight of the device – it should be light in order not to burden the cervical section of the user’s spine,

– adjustable headphones and microphone,

– hearing protection, e.g. by means of technology to prevent sudden jumps in sound pressure.